Greener Clean

viridi spongia

greener-cleanThe “Green” movement hits the cleaning world with an array of non-toxic cleaning products.  Now this awareness is expanding to include not just the chemicals used to clean, but also the makeup of tools used.  Scotch-Brite has recently come out with a series of sponges labeled Greener Clean.  Advertised to work just as well as traditional sponges, these products are mad with 23% recycled materials and 100% plant based fibers. Seeing this causes one to wonder what 100% really means. Some digging reveals that the scrubbing side of the sponge may be up to 50% polyester, a typically synthetic material but some strains are made from plant fibers, though it is unsure which is used in this sponge.  So why this sponge may advertise true to its materials a question is raised as to how much to these plant-based fibers have to be manipulated to reach this state.


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