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visum sententi

The-Genesis-CodeI recently viewed a film that, while I may not agree with the totality of its message, has brought to mind some good thinking points. The Genesis Code, directed by C. Thomas Howell and Patrick Read Johnson, is a story of a devout Christian journalism student who is trying to convince the popular school jock that faith and science can coexist.  Clearly written from a Christian viewpoint the genesis code is a complex equation that is come up with to explain the time difference between the story of creation and scientifically proved evolution.  This equation is based on the concept of perception that brings me back an early thought of our class discussions. What seems to be true of the world or of time for human kind may not be the same for an ant or an elephant; it is all a matter of your viewpoint in the world.  In this film, perception is broken down into a complex physics problem explaining the time dilation vortex or at least something sounding as complicated as that.  Either way, and whatever your views, perspective as a concept in everyday life is something to think about.


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