Melting Ice

Melting Ice                                                                                                                                        glacies liquescens

James Balog poses on the Columbia Glacier in Alaska with two EIS time-lapse cameras in 2009.

James Balog is a photographer that sought to capture the melting of ice in real-time with time lapse cameras. He and his team placed 34 cameras at 11 glaciers all over the world. Titled the Extreme Ice Survey, Balog’s project demonstrates stunning imagery that is both beautiful and sad. The glaciers are slowly vanishing – Balog wanted to document them before it was too late and give people the opportunity to experience climate change with their own eyes, rather than looking at charts and statistics.

“There’s just an extraordinary and infinite architecture and character and personality in these places. Water is a remarkable substance, obviously. It metamorphoses from a solid state to a liquid state to a vapor state. And in that passage, I discovered that this was basically an infinite series of variations of images and colors and light and form that could be seen in these landscapes. And I basically fell in love with these places,” said Balog.

On glacial variation Balog remarks that, “This is a natural process. But what we know from extensive, extensive analysis, by researchers from all around the world, is that we are way, way out beyond normal, natural variation now. And that’s connected with changes in the atmosphere.”

His photographs have been published by numerous outlets, and can also be found on his website –



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