Naturally Stylish

Naturally Stylish Work Clothes        Naturaliter Penicullus Operari Vestimenta

ground crew jacket

In 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis set out to made work clothes of durable denim with copper rivets.  Little did they know that one day they would be an American icon.  Carhartt has successfully ventured into the same iconic realm recently, the basis of which is a 100 year old product line of work clothes with exceptional durability, comfort, fit, function and style.

So consider clothing made with natural materials, such as real leaf and bark elements.  This jacket is made for work, both rugged and versatile, and for outdoor activities and casual use.   Here is a clothing line that can change and remain in concert with the seasons.  Not only can you add components to regulate your comfort level as you migrate from spring, through summer to fall/winter work schedules, (by use of elastic string and velcro), but you can change colors with the seasons.  Adjust your planting expression using materials that reflect the seasons by inserting material that YOU select and organize, between the inner and outer translucent fabric layers.  Be an expression of nature and show off your seasonal colors while you work or play!

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