Secret Communications

Secret Communications                                                      Secretum Communicationes

mega data center NSA…no more.

The Global Information Grid, which is a worldwide communications network, is being expanded by the Pentagon to handle yottabytes (septillion bytes – or 500 quintillion pages of text).  In relative terms, the total of all human knowledge created from the dawn of man to 2003 totaled only 5 exabytes (a million exabytes equals a yottabyte).  Although Total Information Awareness – a program created by the Bush administration, was stopped in Congress in 2003 after American outcry over privacy invasion, it does not seem to have had impact on the development and installation of a new facility designed to collect communication data.

The National Security Agency (NSA, created after Pearl Harbor) has positioned itself in the little town of Bluffdale, Utah, in what was a flat, unpaved runway of part of the National Guard training site of Camp Williams.  This desert communication oasis is setting up shop next to the nation’s largest sects of polygamists and is destined to encompass an area five times the size of the U.S. capitol.  Call it an interesting pairing with both entities trying to remove themselves from the masses of the world.  The site will soon be home to servers, armed guards, and computer intelligence experts attempting to battle the hackers, or more importantly, usurp our constitutional privacy rights.  This profoundly fortified $2 billion center is intended to open in Sept 2013.

The top secret site is nearly self-sufficient (of course), and will contain fuel tanks large enough to power the backup generators for three days in an emergency and overall demand of 65 megawatts of power equal to over $40 million a year.  The facility will include a fence to stop a 7.5 ton vehicle traveling 50mph, biometric identification system, vehicle inspection facility and visitor-control center.

It will have the ability to intercept, decipher and analyze vast amounts of the world’s communications from satellites and process them through underground and undersea cables of international, foreign and domestic networks.  Bottomless databases from small to large forms of communications will be collected including cell phone calls, private emails, even Google searches and tidbits of  personal digital data trails – bookstore purchases, parking receipts, travel itineraries, etc.  Heavily encrypted information such as financial, stock transactions, foreign military, business deals and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, will be fingered too.  Its M.O. is to secretly capture, store and analyze vast amounts of data currently trafficking  through the worlds telecommunications networks and make them available to NSA code breakers, data-miners, China analysts, and counter terrorism specialists, for starters.

Years ago the NSA was coined as an acronym for “Never Say Anything”.  With our constitutional privacy at risk by this highly intrusive intelligence agency yet, through their construction of such an unmatched facility, the acronym has never been more accurate.  Everybody with a communication device is a target.  George Orwell was right, “Big Brother IS watching”.

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