Unforgettable                                                          Memorabilia

Imagine waking in the morning to watch a breathtaking sunrise across the South African Madikwe Reserve horizon.   You let the heated whirlpool sit idly quiet.   Instead, you go out to the rim-flow, never-ending pool on your private sun deck in your exclusive (nothing less than…) five star lodge, and slip into its cool waters without disturbing the birds’ morning song.  You think you have selected the lodge with the finest viewing, from the dozen or so lodges offered in this Kalahari Eden.   They have done their homework to be sure virtually every animal of South Africa is represented here.  It’s the first full day of your family-friendly, malaria-free safari vacation.  It promises to be fun for the kids too, with clubs and activities to keep them entertained, if the Big 5 Game at the reserve prove to be reclusive on your holiday time.

Elephants, giraffe and zebra have all come to drink at the watering hole this fine morn.  The rhino and antelope must be beyond the rocky hills, known as inselbergs, which border the Dwarsberg Mountains.  “Coffee or champagne?” your bell-hop asks.  The only thing unusual about this wonderfully idyllic scene is the loaded .30-06 rifle which he puts down near the door.  His chest is already beading with sweat from the day which promises to rise to 100 degrees.  He is equipped to take you out on a conducted safari at any time you wish to have free movement through the range.  He also knows that from dusk to dawn he needs to be on alert, for the reserve is home to lion, leopard and cheetah as well as their prey now sipping at your watering hole.  He knows that if he caters and guards you well, any additional gratuities will help uplift him from his near poverty stricken life.

You have an unforgettable personal audience with the animals.  The 150 km electrified fence bordering the entire facility ensures you will have captive performers.  It is a wildlife theater.  Here conservation is at work, but only as it centers on the peoples enjoyment and indulgence of the safari experience.

*Personal travel insurance and laundry service not included.

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