Captain Planet

Some of you may have already seen this, but Don Cheadle and the good people at Funny Or Die have made a parody of Captain Planet, a cartoon near and dear to people my age that taught us how important it was to stop polluters (greedy capitalists) and save the environment. The video features some strong language for the sensitive eared.

This series is a satirical answer to the question: “What should we do then?” Some people deny that humans are negatively impacting the environment and threatening our own survival, some have come to accept our eventual demise, and others hope we will change our behaviors or create new technologies that will allow us as a population to make it through the coming crisis in whole or in part. I’m a little worried. Wars have been fought over things much more trivial than potable water. It is satire, but the funny videos give a very grim and possible accurate impression of human behavior in the end.

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