Forest Management



The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) which owns 25-Hectare reserve in Mount Sutro is looking to restore the balance by selective thinning of invasive trees. This would allow the native grasses, wild flowers, and brush to reclaim the mount.

Furthermore, a consultant for UCSF says that this would allow larger remaining trees to fight off beetle and fungal pest. By opening the up the forest creatures like owls would have better foraging opportunities and carbon storage would be enhanced as well.

Even though there are strong reasons to do so, some 40 protesters made their voices heard. Richard Hobbs is one of those and says that “Mount Sutro is part of a larger story.” People might see a weed filled forest, but at the same time others see a forest that is able to manage on its own.

The mount was planted by Adolph Sutro I the 1880’s with blue gum eucalyptus, Monterrey pine and cypress. This had led to development of a new ecosystem. That is the view that some people have with regards to natural environments today. Why try to restore something to its original state when it would be impossible to do so, and at the same time destroy something that has thrived with and without our help.

The old view of pure nature is something that is no longer being pursed, but instead embracing and preserving that which is here now.

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