Change or Bust

change or bust                                                                                           mutatione vel imaginis


When will it come to a head? In our short history as a nation, the United States has shown that when two opposing viewpoints deal with deep moral issues there is a time when these ideals collide, and the casualties effect all parties involved; i.e. The Civil War.  Today, is it north vs. south all over again?  Except this time what’s at stake is the ground with which we stand, and it’s environmentalists vs. industrialists who are battling over the abolition of natural resource consumption.  Unfortunately, the result once again bodes repercussions that will affect both parties involved, but this time will future generations be around to mend the fences? Can the accomplishments of humanity realign themselves with a care for our environment? So, I ask again, when will it come to a head, and what will it take to get us there?


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