Propaganda or Real Change

propaganda or real change                                                              vel augue veræ mutationis



In today’s society, the term green is often used to denote our relationship to the environment as a whole, but its’ dilution from overuse has led to misunderstanding; just as our cultural construct of what “nature” really is.  I find this unfortunate because this term green tends to encompass ideals that bring optimism and positivity to an otherwise dreary outlook for the future.  For example, this 7-year study done by Sierra Club’s Magazine of universities used criteria that measured holistic environmental impacts in every aspect such as: food waste production, carbon footprint, alternative energy generation, water use, eco-friendly transit options, building efficiency, sustainability courses available, and eco-research availabilities.  These universities practice what they preach, and are moving towards a balance that may relinquish some power back to “nature”.  So, maybe in this case green can truly be taken as a thoughtful contribution to our environment, and not just empty propaganda.



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