Beijing’s Air or Ground Zero’s After 9/11


There is an article talking about which air is worth, Beijing’s air in 2013 winter the air within a mile of Ground Zero in October 2001?

The author is a New Yorker who came to China to study Chinese.  He asked many professors in American universities to find the answer.  Most of them prefer the air in Ground Zero after 9/11.  The reason is that they believe the air in New York will be better in the future.  However, the air in Beijing will be worse.

I feel so bad when heard this.  That’s because China is my home-country.  China is still a developing country, while America is a developed country.  In America, everything seen develop to upper level, while China is still catching up with developed countries.  Why China keeps catching up with others so fast?  There is an old saying” Lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks”. which is the never-forgotten lesson the Chinese people have learnt from their tragic experience of repeated foreign invasions.  Every result has its reason.  That’ the reason for Chinese nation why developing so fast.

As a landscape architect in the future, I really want to improve the environment in China.  By the way, lots of place in China have fresh air and nature beauty.  We should preserve them and improve the existing conditions.

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