Roads of a Pandora’s Box?


A rapid expansion of highways across the world is causing irreparable damage to nature, but properly planned roads could actually help the environment.

“Loggers, miners and other road builders are putting roads almost everywhere, including places they simply shouldn’t go, such as wilderness areas,” said Professor Andrew Balmford of the University of Cambridge, UK. “Some of these roads are causing environmental disasters.” “Just look at the Amazon rainforest,” said Laurance. “Over 95 percent of all forest destruction and wildfires occur within 10 kilometers of roads, and there’s now 100,000 kilometers of roads crisscrossing the Amazon.”

In my opinion, it all depends. The construction of roads may cause environmental disaster, like a Pandora’s Box of environmental problems. However, carefully and logically planned roads which are constructed suitably will protect and even benefit to nature, such as keeping away from wilderness areas.

For instance, roads constructions of poor farms will attract more investors to develop the farmland to increase farm profits, to improve farm development and avoiding blind developing other wilderness which is well worth protection. Reasonable forest road construction can protect the wildlife. Therefore, the key of road construction is site investigation of biologists, ecologists, agronomists to provide reference to landscape architects who should be responsible for site plan and to keep people away from vulnerable wilderness areas. In additional, bad roads which have damaged a lot to the nature should be closed. We need to design more reasonable roads rather than bad roads of Pandora’s Box.

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One Response to Roads of a Pandora’s Box?

  1. sgetz2013 says:

    Would you link the plan for landscape architects? It would be interesting to see

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