Public Transportations or Private Cars



Would you use public transportations instead of private cars in the future? 

Recently, in Boston, there is a building in which has no parking space.  This 44-unit apartment building had ground-floor storefronts, proposed for Boston’s Allston neighborhood, was designed by the studio of Sebastian Mariscal.

Plans include a 4,000-square-foot community garden and social area accessible to residents on the roof, and bicycle racks on the lowest level. There will be six spaces for the car-sharing vehicles.

Who will live there?  Maybe those people who use public transportations and don’t have cars.  In my opinion, maybe these buildings can be existed when public transportation is so convenient surrounded.  Addition, no parking only fit for residential buildings.  Not for office buildings.  This remind me that studio professor told that State Street was closed for any vehicular access 20 years ago.  Since then, many business in the State Street they were all closed.  They open the street for buses.  But the business companies still not work.  Finally, they open the street for private cars and our loop exist.  This story told us private cars have their functions.  For us, we should use public transportations if possible, and use private cars when if necessary.    

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One Response to Public Transportations or Private Cars

  1. jnmllr says:

    See this article from 1961 (!) by Paul Goodman and his brother Percival proposing to ban cars from Manhattan

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