Tree Houses


Pete Nelson, an owner of TreeHouse Workshop, outside Seattle, is an expert in his field: namely, the design and building of treehouses.

He loves to use the Douglas fir and the Western red cedar trees.  They are beautiful trees and so strong.

Are these tree houses only for kids?  By the people who ask Pete to build a treehouse, they always say the treehouse is for their children.  However, the adults may hide the fact that the treehouse is for them.  They are both dreamer types and doer types.  They are going to spend $200,000 on a treehouse.

How is the treehouse different from what we feel for our normal home?  Treehouse is a place you are absolutely away from the daily life.  This is a place you can easily reconnecting with the nature world.

We get the power of the trees so that we can build the treehouse.  People want to stay there because they willing escape from the work.  Nature gives us a refuge.  Imaging I stay in the treehouse for one night.  I may not play iphone or watch TV show during the night, instead, I will go out to the nature and watch the stars in the sky or play with the streams.  I may hear birds singing during my wake up in the morning.  Melody birds singing can take the place of annoying iphone clock.  In daytime, you can play with the small animals around you.  Or just sit there to read a book.  What a wonderful life.

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One Response to Tree Houses

  1. jnmllr says:

    One could conclude that the “wonderful life” that allows a person to reconnect to the natural world might only be available to those who can afford it. Someone with a few hundred thousands of dollars to spend can hear bird songs: the rest of the world can listen to traffic jams.

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