Luxury Alpine Homes

Luxury Alpine Homes

Many upper middle class Americans vacation in the more wild western region of our country. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and countless other outdoor activities are all around. From the Rockies to the Sierra Nevadas, enormous alpine homes have popped up as a result of some big spending. Homes commonly cost upwards of $10 million, and no expense is spared.

Many of these homeowners spend less than half the year in their homes, and have built them to be closer to nature, and to create separation from the rest of their lives. The locations themselves are undeniably beautiful, but the houses have become tumors of capitalist growth in previously unbuilt areas.

Does building a mansion with the most modern amenities, within a more pristine locale make it isolated?

What is the true price of buying a piece of “nature”?


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I am a 3rd year architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology
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One Response to Luxury Alpine Homes

  1. jnmllr says:

    Your post reminded me of a passage in Raymond Williams’ essay “Ideas of Nature” (I hope we’ll manage to squeeze it into our schedule):

    “… As the exploitation of nature continued, on a vast scale, and especially in the new extractive and industrial processes the people who drew most profit from it went back, where they could find it (and they were very ingenious) to an unspoilt nature, to the purchased estates and the country retreats. And since that time there has always been this ambiguity in the defence of what is called nature and in its associated ideas of conservation, in the weak sense, and the nature reserve. Some people in this defence are those who understand nature best, and who insist on making very full connections and relationships. But a significant number of others are in the plainest sense hypocrites. Established at powerful points in the very process which is creaing the disorder, they change their clothes at week-ends, or when they can get down ot the country, join appeals and campaigns to keep one last bit of England green and unspoilt; and then go back, spiritually refreshed, to invest in the smoke and the spoil.”

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