Tourist “Nature” Tours

The idea of the exotic brings people thousands of miles away from their homes. The impact of ecotourism may not be felt immediately by the environment at the moment of the encounter with this natural setting, but there are definite consequences. The idea of the internet as an encouraging factor makes eco-tourism more relevant in present day, people see viral videos and feel like they will encounter the same striking occurrences portrayed. The dramatic images of the viral videos may not happen every time a tourist visits, but it begs for visitors in hopes that they may experience the same instance. The idea that the internet has such a profound affect on culture and our transfer of information, and the relative facility of visiting these exotic places presents. In a way, it seems like the fact the internet allows to “visit” these exotic places isn’t really the problem, it is that these eco-tours exist. Encroaching on an area that is travelled excessively year-round has a profound affect on the eco-system. I would hope that with the internet age, people who visit for touristic reasons are discouraged, and the prevalence diminishes, that there are more options for research than eco-tourism.

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