Air Conditioner in Developing Countries


“Urban India, there is a new status symbol on proud display. An air-conditioner has become a sign of middle-class status in developing nations, a must-have dowry item.”(Elisabeth and Andrew)

The air conditioner can help people live happier during hot summer time.  With the rise of the world’s temperature, Air-conditioning sales are growing 20 percent a year in China and India, according to the report Elisabeth and Andrew did.

“The oldest CFC coolants, which are highly damaging to the ozone layer, have been largely eliminated from use; and the newest ones, used widely in industrialized nations, have little or no effect on it.  But these gases contribute to global warming thousands of times more than does CO2, the standard greenhouse gas.”(Elisabeth and Andrew)

The problem of air conditioner always let me think what’s the future will be like if we don’t use them?  In some Europe countries, their temperature in summer is not very hot.  They design good air circulation of buildings so that the whole building doesn’t have any air-conditioner.  While in China, the majority cities have high temperature in summer.  We could not live without air-conditioner now.  The more we use, the hotter summer will be in next year.  In my home, we have one air conditioner in one room.  So, we have seven air conditioners in total.  This number sounds so scared.  But, this is the truth.  And many families are same like my home.

“In a statement, the USEPA said it had recently approved some of the new climate-friendly gases for car air-conditioning and refrigerators , most notably a newer HFC variant called R32.” (Elisabeth and Andrew)

What will happen in the future?  Does this R32 will work well?  Or we should not use air conditioners at all?  We should do some efforts to improve the environment and slow down the speed of the climate change.  If someday, we will not use air conditioners in the summer.  Because we have green roofs and green walls in our buildings and our city become a garden city.


In Rising Use of Air-Conditioning, Hard Choices


June 29, 2012, New York Times

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  1. jnmllr says:

    I recommend this article from the New York Times of June 20, 2012 — from which (regrettably) much of the text of this post has been taken without attribution:

    Relief in Every Window, but Global
    Worry Too

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