Shark Fin Ban



HONG KONG – Cathay Pacific, responding to pressure from an array of environmental groups in Asia, has announced that it will no longer carry shark fin on its cargo flights.

The Hong Kong-based carrier, one of the world’s largest cargo airlines, said in a statement that it would “stop shipping unsustainably sourced sharks and shark-related products.”

The city is the leading trade hub for these endangered animal products, and airlines are significant players in the supply chain.”

Shark fin soup is still as a status symbol in China.  In my hometown, we have this dish at corporate events and wedding banquets.  In my memory, around eight years ago, shark fin soup is much popular than these years.  Every table in the restaurant will have one staple of shark fin soup.  This dish became a tradition then.  Nowadays, we have policy to ban the shark fin soup.  From this story, it tells the majority of public are blind.  People always follow others.  Instead of doubt the things themselves, we keep following.  These following are not only about food, but also the trend of fashion and all the popular things.

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