Breeding Programs in Zoo


Due largely to the destruction of habitats all over the globe, recent zoos have shown more and more concerns of “living dead” species’ research, education and conservation. Although we could argue that the animal welfare is successful with factors such as freedom from hunger, thirst, pain etc, it seems that zoos are not so successful in animal breeding program. ISIS advocates the establishment of targeted captive breeding programs to supplement the protection of animals in the wild.

In my opinion, zoos should team up in networks give insurance to these “living dead” animals and at the same time it would attract more and more visitors in the climate of rising capital and declining fund. “If several institutions link up, zoological gardens will have a considerable collective potential to breed endangered animal species.”( research at the MPIDR’s Laboratory of Evolutionary Biodemography).

It looks good but new questions are raised. Why do we have to regard zoos as a last-resort emergency ward? Why don’t we pay more attention on protection of the habits?

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