Crochetdermy                                                                                                          crochetdermy 



This realistic life-size lion sculpture, created using crochet, is part of British artist Shauna Richardson’s inventions she coined ‘crochetdermy’.  These expertly stuffed animals embrace the stereotypical image of taxidermy, while artistically expressing yet another lens into our view of the natural world. If our natural history is the nomination of the visual, and all about observation, the realism apparent in this work begs the question, “is this really a lion?” Although the answer is no, the world we live in today is one of constant manipulation and change, so could it be yes?  If the variations and depths of detail in this manifestation are modeled from reality, and we recognize this creation equal to a taxidermy lion, why work towards killing a species? Is the image of the thing not more important than the actual thing itself? Instead let’s establish a new classification: admission of the superficial. 



Additional video:

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