The Greenest Building in the World



In 2013 The Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is recognized as the Greenest Building in the World as it’s building design currently exceeds the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum ranking certification. The building design integrations include Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Hot Water Collectors, Natural Ventilation, Radiant Heating, Sustainable Landscapes, Sustainable Materials, Rainwater Harvesting and Robust Building Envelope.

The 24,350 square foot structure is one of numerous architecture designs that incorporates and reflects todays response to society’s nature salvage.  It’s design intent does not only reflect nature through the building program but it also incorporates technology’s reflection of nature throughout all the various building systems.

It is compelling to think about the roles of building planners and designers within the preservation of nature. It used to be that in order to touch, feel and breath nature one must have to walk outside. Today, nature is brought inside a building structure by tremendous technology innovations. I question today, how far out will we go to bring the green inside?



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