Brick & Mortar


“To built direct relationships with costumers and to be part of the design and decision making experience…” is why marketer Warby Parker decided to expand his eyewear business into the “brick and mortar” shopping experience. A few years back Parker never imagined his online company would need the physical presence of a building to grow his business. It was not until his product consumers began to frequently request a meeting location that Parker realized the significance of the physical connection not only between his product and the customer but that of a location to the experience of his costumer’s decision-making and relationships.

Over the years there has been numerous research which studies people’s interaction with building spaces. The motion and feelings a space brings up upon arrival is something that is not received when one shops online. The scent, light, approach and vive of the people are just part of what makes up the brick and mortar shopping experience.


Today numerous studies have been conducted in search for the ways in which corporations and business owners can enhance the shopping experiences for consumers.

Next time you shop, think about all the ways that you are engaged in a product by retailers and how the space in which it is being displayed engages your attention.

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