I saw the movie “Gravity ” yesterday.  I got some thought from it.

It is a good movie.  I have two points to say.  One is the problem of the space trash.  The other one is the power of gravity.

In the movie, the cause of the story is the space trash.  This made me realized that we human produced so many trashes in the earth.  However, in the space, we also left such great number of trashes.  We could not collect them and recycle the trashes in the space.  We also could not bury them in the landfill.  They keep move with their speed and never disappear.  As now, big countries all try to extend their power reach to outer of the earth.  We just keep produce trashes in space and without any solutions to solve this problem. 

Another important view is about gravity.  I could not forget the last scene, the actress laid in the beach and felt gravity.  She could not get up because she stayed in space for a long time that gravity seen so powerful for her.  While, instead of tired expression, she had a very glad expression to show how happy she was when she felt gravity.  Gravity is so great!  We have it so that we can control ourselves.  We can stop running.  We can jump.  It was so terrible that in the space you would keep the same movement if there were no other force to chance the situation.

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