Thoughts in autumn


Have you feel the autumn comes so quiet that I could not believe that winter will coming.

When walking on the state street, half of the trees’ leaves turned yellow.  This is the third autumn I have spent in IIT.  I don’t know why yellow leaves made me sad.  Why time passed so quickly without saying anything?

Nature has its power to lead human’s mind.  In spring, light green leaves give you full of hope.  In summer, dark green leaves give you power of cool.  In autumn, yellow leaves fill your mind with a myriad of thoughts.  In winter, branches without leaves give you strength of cold.

Nature gives us four seasons obviously in high latitude areas, like Chicago.  When I was in Hainan, China.  It is a tropical city.  I spent four years there with all the summer days.  The only difference between summer and winter is the night which winter is cooler than summer at night.

I think life is beautiful because of we live in a vivid world. 

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