Unattractive Nature


                Is it possible that nature is ugly? When we think of nature we think that it is beautiful, majestic, and inspiring. We marvel at the how beautiful and different it is from anything that we build. Why this is true it is also very possible that nature can be somewhat repulsive. It might be the fact that we are afraid of something like spider or snakes. That could be a reason to consider something ugly. But something like a Star-nosed mole might just simply be something for people with a taste for rare art.  It is hard to imagine that nature is anything but beautiful. So when we encounter something that is outside the norm we tend to question as to how it is that nature could have produced something so ugly. But is it possible that nature can make something ugly? I think that it is not possible it is really a matter of perspective and of lack of interaction and understanding of the real natural world that is around us. If we stopped distancing ourselves form nature and viewed it as part of us we might have a different opinion of what beauty in nature is.

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