Waste to energy


                Being able to take the waste products and converting them into usable fuel resources is something that has been underused in recent years. It is estimated that waste to energy industry will go from 6.2 billion to 29.2 billion within the next 10 years.  There are about 800 industrial scale Waste-to energy facilities in nearly three dozen countries. There are also hundreds of small scale operations. This system could really be used for almost any kind of waste from slaughterhouses, breweries, dairy farms, to coffee shops. This allows for the production of bio-gas, bio-diesel, and other bio-fuels.  This could become one of the leading sources of energy in the near future that in theory would never run out. There are some problems in terms of lack of awareness and willingness to invest in the current technologies that are available. In Sweden for example 50% of the waste is burned and only 1% ends up in landfills. This could potentially be the case for many of the other countries around the world. 

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