Biomass fuels


Biomass is beginning to take hold on the energy platform once again. For example in Canada there is a shift from coal to wood for power generation.  The plant in Atikokan will be the largest in North America to make this shirt from coal to wood. Although wood is a renewable source, and has been shown to produce 65% to 95% less greenhouse gas emissions is it really a better choice over coal? With the increasing demand in energy and ever-growing world economies is this the right choice? The issue with this logic is that small trees are not all that efficient at collecting CO2 from the air. It is really the mature trees that are able to do the best job; and unfortunately those are the trees that are cut down in the first place. Furthermore the payback for this change won’t be seen in the near future it could take up to 100 years. In addition deforestation is already a huge problem that is affecting many parts of the world. Furthermore, another problem is that there are cheaper fuels such as natural gas that would be able to do the same job. 

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