Learning from nature


 Bio mimicry is very interesting in terms of how much we can learn about the way that nature works and how it could help us to potentially solve some human problems. Take for example the lotus flower which has a micro-rough surface that helps to repel dust and other dirt particles. On the surface there are hundreds of little bumps that catch anything that fall on the flower. When it rains the particles that are caught by the bumps are washed away and therefor the flower is able to stay clean. So how does this apply to humans? There is a paint company that is trying to replicate this technology and create a paint that would act in a similar way. It was a botany professor, Dr Wilhelm Barthlott of Boon University in Germany that had been studying this natural technology. This is just one example of the way that we can take what nature has provided and learn from it to improve the way that we design and produce things. 

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