“Evolution of Flavor” Becomes Creationists Outrage

Darwin’s theory of evolution eluded to in this online advertising campaign created an internet uproar from people who believe in the creationist theory of Adam and Eve. The provocation stemmed from the fact that the first man evolves after “discovering” Dr. Pepper. His upright stance is brought on immediately after taking his first sip. One user commented, “I ain’t no freaking chimp. No more Dr Pepper for my household. God Bless y’all.” What is disturbing is the misconstrued use of the evolution of man, the fact that Darwinism is apparent in the advert.
I do not believe it was in the company’s intention to create such a stir, but it is apparent people’s creationist theory is still rampant within the non-secular culture. In the end, their expression of beliefs made the advert more successful in reaching a larger audience, with seemingly unintentional efforts. In contrast, the evolution of the image by Dr. Pepper is rehashed– there is the ubiquitous image of man as seen in figure 1, from ape-like ancestry to present day bipedal form. It is interesting that in figure 3 we are portrayed as having “evolved” to be hunched over a desktop.
Is the more honest graphic indeed the image of man hunched over the computer, or is it still the hunter-gatherer?
I am curious what the following graphic that depicts human evolution will be, possibly a graphic that shows a human with a personal tablet taking a selfie in nature.

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