Architecture after 3.11


Toyo Ito has given a lecture in CIA tonight.  The topic is about architecture after 3.11 and his “home for all” house. 

3.11 mean the big earthquake on the date 3,11,2011 in Japan.  Many people lost their homes and families.  The place for living is a very urgent problem.  How can people recover from the tragedy?  What kind of building can make them feel safe?  How to bring them hope and happiness?

Toyo Ito designed the architecture in which have column and tie wooden structure.  This is the most safety structure in the earthquake.   

In the lecture, he showed us several images about refugees enjoy living in the architecture.  We can feel the happiness from their smiling faces.  They cook together and talk to each other.  We have no right to tell how painful the refugees have got in the earthquake.  The only thing we can do is to make them move forward and have hope for life.  

While, these made me think of several big earthquake happened in China these years.  Because our buildings were built not required for earthquake.  When the big earthquake happened, many houses toppled down.  These made huge number of people death.  We could not control the nature.  If we want to protect ourselves, make beforehand protection.

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