Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Animals have been killed for the sake of science, survival, and other times for a person’s personal collection. I do neither, but here was the opportunity to get up-close and personal to a cicada. This cicada was randomly resting on one of the steps at Crown Hall. As it rested there, I was able to get close enough to get some pictures and even touch it. My fascination was its wings. However, I did not end its life in order to get to observe a cicada. I have been listening to their noisy calls for years imagining what they must look like, until today.

                I will not take this one home and any other ones I may find later. However, there are people who have collections of butterflies, rocks, and even leopard skins! Some collections get to be pretty big and even end up in museums. These leopard skins I mentioned wound up in a museum but have remained in storage until the right time comes when they can display one or maybe all of them. But what would such a display be conveying to the audience? Would we find a note by the display explaining how they came across such a collection? If the retrieval of these skins was for the sake of science, I find it difficult to understand how one or two would not have sufficed. If it was for clothing, I still don’t understand why a person would need more than one.

                I did come across information that this cicada would do more good in your backyard then in a collection box after it has died. For example, their shells can be mulched for use as fertilizer in our gardens. Once these bugs have begun to decay they make great fertilizers. Simply let nature take its course as soil microorganism, such as cicadas, give nutrients back to the soil. Also, if you are a fan of fishing, these critters make for great fish bait. Even though they may not look very beautiful, or make a beautiful sound I feel that what they do for our eco system even makes their existence beautiful. They burrow themselves in the soil that allows water to travel through the soil and get to the roots of the vegetation living in it. They also consume water from the roots of these plants. And, like I mentioned above, they give back to the same soil when they die, thus continuing this life cycle that keeps our world going.

                Some collections lead to the extinction of species or at least really low numbers in species. Unfortunately, we do not realize how important their existence actually is until the only solution we find is to make laws that attempt to stop any endangered species from becoming extinct. I think we should stop killing for pleasure or curiosity if it is not for the end goal of something good for both us and the animal. Let’s stop interrupting the lives of other living beings the way we would hate it if someone did that to us.

 Image        Image


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