The Nature Deficit Disorder


People used to drive far to get away from the city because it was loud and polluted people felt they could not find rest. Now we still have to drive far to find places where we can submerge ourselves in “nature” even though times have changed.

Educational institutions often have recreational areas for children and the biggest attraction is a playground that has become predictable by now. We hear of students struggling to be successful in school because they are troubled children who have difficulty focusing. Meanwhile, studies have proven that an environment in which children have access even just to a view of nature can increase their performance. So why should anyone deprive them of success. Let’s do more than bring a plant to class or plant a tree outside their class window. Let’s take them outside to see, touch, and smell nature.

Children are not the only ones being deprived of nature. Adults too could benefit from even the minimal exposure to nature.  Just spending a few moments outdoors can help lower stress, help us to think more clearly, and help us to be more productive. So, do not tell yourself that you do not have any time to spare to sit outdoors even for a few minutes. It may be the best idea you had all day.



Louv, Richard. The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin of Chapel Hill, 2012. Print.




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