Emperor in His New Clothes


During these days, my rabbit is molting which reminds me of an interesting but depressing report.

University of Montana researcher Scott Mills and his students have noticed an exceptional number of white snowshoe hares on brown earth. I think that maybe an embarrassing moment because the cute white hare may think it was wearing perfect clothes, which actually made it become quite an obvious target just like the emperor in his new clothes.



White snowshoe hares start to molt at fixed time. The fur color changes from brown to white in autumn and change back to brown in spring. While, according to the weather forecast, to the middle of this century, the period of ice and snow will shorten a month in white rabbits’ habitat and will shorten 2 months to the end of the century.

Therefore a warming planet affects all wildlife and white snowshoe hares have the makings of the next version of the polar bear as poster animal for global warming.

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