New Earthworks Project

This 11-acre project was created by the Cuban-American artist Rodriguez-Gerada. It is considered the largest portrait created in Ireland to date. It is a great example of earth works art in that it disrupts what is “natural” and recreated the land into a formal form. The only thing that is a bit off setting is that the portrait can only be appreciated by air, or in a high up building. The idea that one can only experience the piece in an aircraft strays from the model of experiencing earthworks as you are a part of the landscape. It creates an visual intervention in the viewers perception, however, he or she can not see the whole picture while passing by. The restructured landscape was created in 18 months through deliberate planning. The emotive response of the anonymous child could be seen at the artist’s main concern, he wished for the child to have deep, imploring eyes. The does not seem to be a direct relationship between the portrait and the land it encompasses. The idea that the girls face makes up the land is enough for abstracting the land. As he described his project he says, “Creativity is always applied in order to define an intervention made only with local materials, with no environmental impact, that works in harmony with the location.”
However, there seems to be a disparity with what he says and the amount of materials (8 million pounds of natural material) and labor that was used in the creation of this striking piece of art.

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