Foliage in Fall


As the winter coming so fast, I always asking that where is the spring and autumn in Chicago.  In my memory, only winter and summer exist in Chicago.  Since many fallen leaves return to the roots, dose the cypress tree in Chicago turn to other color in winter or lose their needles?

I found that the most popular cypress tree in Chicago is Bald Cypress.  “Bald Cypress is a deciduous evergreen, meaning it has foliage similar to an evergreen which it sheds in the winter. Bald Cypress has an outstanding coppery fall color, and a soft droopy needle which adds texture to the landscape. “

This made me think of conifers.  Some of these evergreens drop their old needles in the fall.  They begin their growth cycle in the next spring by pushing out new needles.  During spring, summer and into the fall, they perform photosynthesis to converting sunlight into sugars.  When it turns to fall, they store sugar in the form of sap and shed their needles to prevent losing moisture.

“Rather than lose the leaves they grew the previous spring, conifers hold onto these leaves for another year and a half. They remain on the tree, staying “green” — or, in the case of some conifers such as a Colorado blue spruce, “blue” — throughout the winter and through the following growing season.”

Don’t be alarmed if conifers shed foliage in fall.  By Sean Conway, Tribune        Content Agency, Oct 22, 2013

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