Color Matters

Color plays an important role in the lives we live in. It provides a power source of communication, a sway in your thinking, a change in our actions, and a course of our reactions. Color is irreplaceable. Fact is that color today is more than just a source of decoration, it has played a role in the human evolutionary process, it provides psychological influence on information, perception and judgment process.


Red is the color of extremes, passion, love, violence and it fosters danger, anger and adventure.

Yellow captures attention more than any other color. It communicates alert, danger and caution.

Blue is the color of heaven and authority. It is the color of water and sky. It provides sense of trust, loyalty, and understanding.

Green is the color of growth, rebirth and fertility. It is the color that is associated with nature.

Purple represents power, wealth and bravery. It is the most powerful in the wavelength of the rainbow.

Orange signifies good health, energy, and vitality. It produces cheer, excitement adventure and warmth.


Today as the great move is made to environmental green building design, architects and designers consider the impact a surface provides on the environment. The darker color the roof the hotter it gets therefore the hotter the rooms below. Light colored surfaces and reflective coatings cut cooling cost.

Architecture embeds a major study of surface color and impact on human feeling and perception. This is just another way in which design influences us.  

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