ImageMosaiculture Internationales de Montreal is a non profit organization that was set up in the late 1990’s in order to promote a competition in Montreal’s Parc des Eclusier.  Mosaiculture is a combination of design, horticulture and gardening where the artistic team creates a sculpture utilizing living, colorful plants.  Team members include landscape architects for the design, welders, sculptors and structural engineers for the frame and horticulturists to plant and maintain artwork.  The first competition was held in 2000 and this year was the fifth iteration with over 100 countries competing.  Competitions have been held in Shanghai and Hamamatsu, Japan.

 According to Mosaiculture Internationales website “Mosaiculture is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made primarily from plants with colourful foliage (generally annuals, and occasionally perennials). The colourful two- and three-dimensional drawings, designs, sculptures and reliefs thus created employ a wide variety of flora. This multifaceted and complex discipline, an ornamental art, draws on numerous practices: on sculpture for its structure and volume, on painting for its palette, and on horticulture in its use of plants in a living, constantly changing environment. Mosaiculture should be distinguished from topiary, which features mostly shrubs pruned to create different shapes.”

 The competition requires the artwork to represent the culture of the participant city as well as to comply with the specific exhibition themes and principles of sustainabity.  Winners are determined by a jury of international members.

Wow! Landscape Art.


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