Electronic Devices Control Daily Life


“On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that passengers would be able to use electronic devices to listen to music, read and play games in all phases of flight, though the ban on using cellphones to talk and text will remain.”(By MATTHEW L. WALD)

This is a good piece of news for me.  We can use Wi-Fi all the time in the plane.  However, everything has two sides.  I used to write diaries and read physical books in the plane.  During flight time, I felt my world is quiet and I can think then.  I can use my mind without any other electronic devises.  Dose human life controlled by electronic devises?  If you find a kid is very quiet sitting in a dinner table, he must be playing with Ipad.  Every morning I wake up, I will bring my phone to read the fashion news and made me wake up.  You could not live without your phones especially you are at work.  For most of them, having holiday gives them much time facing nature, instead of facing electronic devices.

For example, I with my roommate text message to each other, though we are all at home.  How lazy we are?  We just need to knock the door and talk.  I felt less face to face communicate we got, less intimate we would be.

As technology fast developed, our pace need calm down and live like human.

F.A.A. Moves to Ease Electronics Ban, Opening the Runways to Angry Birds, By MATTHEW L. WALD, November 01, 2013, The New York Time Style Magazine

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