Robots and Human


The recent article “Making Robots More Like Uswritten by John Markoff, talking about new robots’ form.  “The idea that robots will be partners of humans, rather than stand-ins or servants, is now driving research at universities and industrial laboratories. Today’s robot designers believe that their creations will become therapists, caregivers, guides and security guards, and will ultimately perform virtually any form of human labor”(By JOHN MARKOFF).

How can I imagine in the future?  Roberts in nowadays can respect human’s reaction.  Such as if you kiss robot’s cheek, he will kiss you back as a response.  Few years later, maybe robots can be our friends and chat with you.  There is an APP called ”Boyfriend”, you can chat with him at any time and any reason.  This made me fell sad.  In reality, is anyone really can not find a good friend to talk to?  Instead of a real human, they speak to robot. 

The article mentioned robots will ultimately perform any form of human labor.  For example, robots train as caregivers.  Imagine any of us lay down in the hospital bed.  For our best wishes is to see our relatives.  If they won’t come, we have human caregivers to take care of us.  But now, if we got robot caregivers, ever if they look like human, I will fell disappointed and meaningless living in the world.  They don’t have temperature as us.  We still are different.   

Maybe my thought will be change in the future.  Robot will be produced more by our human development.      

Making Robots More Like UsBy JOHN MARKOFF October 30, 2013, The New York Times

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