Detail Thoughts in Landscape Architecture Design


There is an interview about Michael Van Valkenburgh talking about the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Playgrounds.  In the park, there have children’s playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball yards and so on.  Children’s playgrounds are placed near the two main entrances so parents can easily bring in their kids “In good weather, these soccer fields are used 18 hours a day. And the players are speaking in over 50 languages.”(Michael Van Valkenburgh)  Sports can bring people to the park and make them stay longer. 

Lighting.  In the park, the lights poles are not line the shore path, instead, lights poles some yards back and topped them with fixtures that cast an even glow, like the moon.  The even glow lights have two benefits: keep safe and leave the water and far objects like Manhattan Bridge visible.  “At the first public meeting about BBP, a lady too old to be able to visit the countryside any more begged that I make a place where you could put your feet in the water and see a reflection of the moon on it. It was a touching moment.”(MMV)  Landscape design is really about to create sense for people. 

Shoreline.  “The shoreline is made of loose stones that calm smashing waves, and the root balls of most of the trees are set above the 100-year flood plain.” (William S. Saunders).  Instead of using walls to protect people from flood, in the park, stones and plants take great position.  The plants they choose are salty tolerant plants.  That’s why Brooklyn Bridge Park survived by thy recent hurricane.

The Urban Landscaper,A second great age of city-making, William S. Saunders, Harvard Magzine

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