Living without nature or nature living without us



                As we continue to destroy that planet that has provided everything for us is it possible that it is eventually going to turn its back on us.  It might not be “Nature Revenge” but there are going to be some major repercussions for the actions that we as a society have chosen. The fact that we have not yet learned how to live in harmony with nature to this day is the direct result of how nature is responding today. There have been disaster, outbreaks, and destruction to the ecosystem that is directly linked to our inability to respect anything other than our own.  Many times we forget that for every action that we take there is a consequence that can directly or indirectly affect us. For example we have altered the weather patterns by introducing a huge amount of particulate into the atmosphere. This is a direct consequence of our advancement and improvement of life. This is known as global dimming effect which is leading to less sunlight being able to reach the surface of the earth.  So is it time to learn from our past and begin to live in harmony with nature?

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