Infiltration Bump Out


An infiltration bump out is a traffic calming element that diverts the stormwater from the street into a planting bed that is built into the parking lane of the street.  The boulders filter out debris and slow the water down.  The river rock below the boulders fills with water and is then disseminated through geotextile filter fabric too the soil.  In 1” rain events, the planter has he ability to absorb all of the stormwater runoff through gravity and plant and soil absorption.  For larger rain events, the soil will become completely saturated at which time the excess water is discharged into the sewer system.  The benefit of one of these bump outs might seem miniscule; however, a carefully planned, well drained bump out it can actually absorb hundreds of gallons of water almost equivalent to the rooftop runoff of a single family home. What is really needed is a network of infiltration planters as well as private rain gardens puncturing the city.  The network would have a tremendous effect on the amount of water entering the sewer system and would help to eliminate overflows into basements.

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