OPEN SPACE + WATER within Cook County


Open spaces and water within Cook County are interrelated and have mutual influence, and their direct relationship allows for new intervention opportunities for the development, maintenance, and management of the territory.What the composite drawing shows is dispersion of open spaces  and connection made by rivers or canals. It also highlights the importance of considering open spaces and water as components and structuring elements of Cook County.


Open space that maps representing includes public parks, golf courses, grasslands, forest preserves, rail yards, airports and open space in factories. In terms of water, Chicago gained its economic dominance not because of “first nature” advantages-the Chicago River and its position between two vast watersheds- but because of the “second nature”-the canals. We can also say canal is the most obvious and demonstrable indicator of the extent of urbanization in Chicago. Ribbons are composed of open space and water. Sometimes ribbon tied into a knot. But sometimes ribbon is open, it’s flat and wide.


How are the Ribbons constructed? We can notice that much of Chicago’s open space is on lakeshore. This ribbon was constructed for recreation. During our tour at Riverside, we figured out that some open space can help the city’s neighborhoods attract and retain residents, promote public health, boost real estate values and draw together people from different walks of life. But there is another explanation for how the ribbons are constructed. Most open space that composes ribbons with river is served as flood plains.


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