Make Commitments to Change Our Behavior


Yantai, shot on 4/13/2013

It’s widely admitted that nature is the ideal place to escape from our daily life. I love this kind of poetic escapes and enjoy throwing myself into totally different atmosphere which is opposite to city culture. However, it is our blindness nature worship that often expedites the destruction of nature we desire most.

For instance, although my hometown, Yantai, is generally regarded as an island paradise, tourists have left so much waste that some islands are being swamped by trash. We love nature. We admire nature. We worship nature. We destroy nature. It makes no sense. Fortunately, we increasingly realize the fragility of nature and change our behavior.

Apparently, there are lots of companies, nonprofits, or government agencies wishing to encourage our eco-friendly behavior by advertisements, posters, songs to tell us what we should do and what we should not. Nevertheless, I think it is more effective that we voluntarily commit to changing rather than being told what to do.

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