Fast Food in the Park


Where in the world is this McDonalds?  Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Rome, Greece, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai?  Well, this unique addition to the landscape happens to be in Singapore. Surprised?  Given our tendency to dismiss these global connections as the norm, I would suppose not.  In fact, according to ‘’, Singapore is home to 121 of the 25,663 McDonald’s across the globe.  However, what makes this particular McDonald’s truly unique is its’ location in a regional park in Jurong (Jurong Central Park).  The designers at ONG & ONG equipped this establishment with an “all-natural” aesthetic to seemingly blend into its’ surroundings, with an addition of a green roof that was implemented to reduce energy consumption and the urban heat-island effect.  The irony of this stems from the implementation of these techniques as part of an institution that by its’ very nature is unsustainable, and in fact furthers an unsustainable formula as habit.  Admirable as this scheme may be, it provokes the thought that if successful, the scheme could actually do more harm than good as precedent for other smoke and mirror strategies to feed the masses with a false perception of sustainability. 



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