Desertification is the process by which dry or semi-arid land further dries, losing bodies of water and vegetation, and eventually changes to desert. This is caused primarily by deforestation, improper agriculture techniques, drought and overgrazing. Large swaths of grasslands in every continent but Europe are threatened by this. However this is a global issue; grasslands are prime locations for the sequestration of carbon, and as they turn to desert all the stored carbon is released into the atmosphere.

Allan Savory, originator of holistic management of grasslands, claims an increase in the amount of livestock is the solution to saving our grasslands. He states that prehistoric herds of large mammals and their direct impact on grasslands kept the desert at bay for thousands of years. Much of the land in danger of desertification is in the poor, politically unstable, Middle East and Africa. With this in mind, the solution of increasing livestock, within a strategic movement system for the animals can not only reverse the process of desertification, but provide food for thousands, if not millions of people in need.

Eating more meat, and reversing desertification. Seems almost too good to be true.


About claytonrichenberg

I am a 3rd year architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology
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