Landscape on the Run

Were it not for road trips and the opportunities I have had to travel outside of the city limits of Chicago, I would probably think that the entire state of Illinois is made up of a bunch of Chicago-like cities. Perhaps my boyfriend is correct in saying, “this is only fun for you because you didn’t grow up in this,” because every time I see a real landscape I can’t help but stop to take a picture and allow my mind to drift as I get lost looking at the view.


 I recently took the train to Edwardsville, Illinois and had the opportunity to run around the area every morning. There I found plenty of open roads to run on for miles. To either side of me, all I could see were cornfields and trees with a few dispersed houses in the distance. Even nighttime is quite an experience, especially having grown accustomed to the light pollution in Chicago. Driving at night is like a scary roller coaster for me so that whoever is driving always gets a good laugh. Every street, alley, and highway is very much lit in Chicago as soon as it begins to get dark. Hence, not being able to see the road ahead of you is never an excuse for running into any vehicle trouble. In Southern Illinois, on the other hand, I do not know if I am really that blind or if I am never out there long enough for my eyes to adjust, but it always seems too dark to drive. People will still drive at 45mph, sometimes even more and the entire time I am breaking next to them as it appears to me that the road is ending just a few feet in front of us!

Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that we could not all experience the outdoors in this way any given day. Instead, if you are from the city, you may have to drive out for miles to immerse yourself in it or hop on the interstate just to experience a landscape of trees. If only there was a way of combining the two experiences together in one place, both urban and rural…

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