Conquering the Elements

Repeatedly, humans have tried to conquer natural phenomena and control ecosystems, small and large. 20% of The Netherlands lies below sea level, Venice has struggled to stay above water for centuries and continues to do so, and many large cities, Chicago included, were built on land previously unsuitable for building.

Despite these achievements, many events have proven that we have little defense against catastrophic events. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in the United States, and the recent typhoon in the Philippines have proven that. Despite all of these occurrences, people continue to try to conquer nature.

Shell, one of the largest fossil fuel extracting companies in the world has just completed the hull of a ship that is longer than the Empire State Building is tall. Used for nothing but natural gas extraction in the sea north of Australia, this behemoth, named Prelude, is built to withstand the cyclones of the region. Shell claims it will produce enough natural gas to power a city the size of Hong Kong.  It just makes you wonder, this ship is the prelude to what?


About claytonrichenberg

I am a 3rd year architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology
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