Cultivate a Better World

The scarecrow campaign taken on by the fast food chain, Chipotle, is all about image and perception, with an acute attention to contemporary culture. In addition to this film, an interactive mobile game addresses how our entire culture views changes in nature. The intentions of such a venture seem rooted in good philosophy that can actually provide meaningful insight into how the world of food operates, and its’ potential for change. In the very beginning of the film, when the scarecrow walks through the advertisement of the traditional farm painted on the side of the building into the actual ‘streamlined-industrial’ factory, we can see this apparent smoke and mirrors tactic coming to the forefront. Unfortunately, this picturesque billboard has such a psychological stronghold through its’ powerfully accepted image that when the truth is exposed it almost taken as fantasy. However, not so subtly, the metallic cow display in the middle of the film that houses the mechanical cows pushes more imagery of what would be considered “natural”. In essence, the overarching theme here is about revealing the false façade employed by industrial agriculture to make consumers feel as though they are part of a natural process that is reminiscent of past traditions.

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