Landscape versus Urbanism

ImageImage Credit: Dhiru Thadani (

The battle of land development versus land preservation seems to be truly perpetual.  As a society the emphasis we place upon certain “territories”, such as national parks or open spaces, is a constant reminder of the struggle between our perception and reality in relation to the origins of our environment.  We perceive these territories in existence through ‘natural right’, or ‘unexplainable origin’, when in reality they were just as constructed as our urban environment. The free-flow of parts through the openness of our ecosystem really allows for urbanism to be considered just as much a part of nature as landscape.  So, truthfully the existence of such a line drawn between landscape and urbanism is faint and perforated at best.  The challenge here is determining whether nature with more landscape is more appropriate than nature with more urbanism, or if there can even be an “appropriate” amount of either.  As with much of nature, for this dilemma balance and perspective hold the key.


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